Child Photography Session with Addison

As a mother I feel I naturally connect with children. Unlike some of my friends who’s motherly instinct only kicked in after the birth of their own, I’m pretty sure I was born with mine and that’s why my passion is photographing them. Starting with maternity to newborn, to handling their first year, I just love everything about these little yummy humans.  I often find myself jumping around and making weird, pitchy noises behind the camera. I fully understand that making a fool of myself in front of adults is totally worth it when the end result is a “perfect shot.”

From the moment babies arrive they’re growing incredibly fast, right before our very eyes. I’m honored and know it’s a complete privilege to be invited into their lives’ to capture these snippets in time.

I was commissioned by the Cain Family for little Miss Addison’s one year old photoshoot. This little girl definitely kept the photoshoot interesting with her larger than life personality. She did so well with each scene and like a typical one year old, she had a blast. It’s such a pleasure to be in the presence of such innocence and to see their love for life.  Addie, made my job as photographer so easy, as she allowed me to capture her playfulness.