Why Choose Our Photographers

Photographers from Buford to Atlanta are everywhere, and by now you have most likely looked at many of their websites. You probably have received local photography studio recommendations from friends who have had their photos taken there. You may be overwhelmed as to how to decide which professional photographer in North Atlanta will meet your needs, fit your budget, and most importantly, care about you and your photographic and artistic goals.

Photography is a passion that stems from our foundation, which is art. From creating paintings to working on business brands, art runs deep within us. There is something special about capturing a moment in time that has us waking up each day, eager to create. At Modern Element Photography Studio you will find a collaborative working environment from our photographers. While working with our studio you will be part of a carefully designed system of shooting which has been formulated through experience and a passion for work.

Meet Marlene


My photography style is natural, organic and mostly muted colors. I say “mostly” because once your little one gets to their milestone shoot this is when their personality starts shining through and needs to be captured. So if you tell me that at the moment they are in love with a super bright, quirky object I’m going to make it work because that’s who they are, even if it’s just for that moment. As fast as they are growing they might find something else to love next month and that moment will forever be gone. – VISIT HER SITE or BOOK HER HERE. Most Newborn Sessions Start at $300 | Weddings Start at $3,850 | Please call for families and other photography services.

Meet Dwayne


One of the top GA headshot, fashion, and editorial photographers, Dwayne is known for shooting some of the hottest talents. He is one of the most sought-after photographers, bringing his cinematic eye to all of his projects. Dwayne’s work as a fashion photographer, music photographer, and a commercial photographer keeps him busy between shooting actors / business head-shots, to capturing that fashion frame designers look for. Knowing that each shoot will bring something new is what keeps Dwayne hard at work every day, searching for that perfect shot. VISIT HIS SITE or BOOK HIM HERE. Most Portrait Sessions Start at $650 | Weddings Start at $3,850 | Musicians Packages Start at $1,500 | Automobile Shoots Start at $7,800 | Business and Fashion please contact for detailed pricing.